New York Conference 2012, Papers & Presentations


Topic 1. Innovative enterprise and the developmental state: Toward an economics of “organizational success”, Speaker: William Lazonick


1). WilliamLazonick, “The Innovative Enterprise and the Developmental State: Toward an Economics of ‘Organizational Success’.                                                  2). WilliamLazonick, “Financialization of the US Corporation: What Has Been Lost and How It Can Be Regained

NOTE: The first paper places the problem of the financialization of the US industrial corporation in theoretical perspective, while the second paper focuses on the evolution of the problem and what can be done about it. Unavoidably, there is a certain amount of overlap in the empirical evidence presented in these papers.

Presentation: The Innovative Enterprise and the Developmental State: Toward an Economics of “Organizational Success”, by WilliamLazonick

Topic 2. Government and business investment in innovation: Europe’s misunderstanding of the Silicon Valley business model, Speaker: Mariana Mazzucato

Paper: Mariana Mazzucato, The Entrepreneurial State

Background Papers:

1). William Lazonick and Mariana Mazzucato, “The Risk-Reward Nexus in the Innovation-Inequality Relationship .                                                                             2). Mariana Mazzucato, “Rebalancing What? Reforming finance for creative destruction not destructive creation
3). Mariana Mazzucato, ”The EU needs more, not less investment, to get out of its current economic predicament

Presentation: “A Bumpy Risk Landscape & Myths that Blind Innovation Policy“, by Mariana Mazzucato

Topic 3. Implications of the recent financial crisis for innovation, Speakers: William Milberg and Nina Shapiro

Paper: William Milberg and Nina Shapiro, “Implications of the Recent Financial Crisis for Innovation

Presentation: “Implications of the Recent Financial Crisis for Innovation“, by William Milberg and Nina Shapiro


Topic 1. Innovation versus financialization in communication technology, Speakers: Bob Bell, Marie Carpenter and Henrik Glimstedt

Paper: Bob Bell, Marie Carpenter, Henrik Glimstedt, and William Lazonick, “From Innovation to Financialization: How Cisco Systems Became Focused on Its Stock Price and Lost Its Way

Case Studies:
Bob Bell and Marie Carpenter, Cisco Optical Networking
Henrik Glimstedt, Cisco Backhaul
Presentation: “From Innovation to Financialization: How Cisco Became Focused on Its Stock Price and Lost Its Way”, by Bob Bell, Marie Carpenter, Henrik Glimstedt

Topic 2. Innovation versus financialization in renewable energy, Speaker: Matt Hopkins

Topic 3. Innovation versus financialization in biopharmaceuticals, Speakers: Öner Tulum and Mustafa Erdem Sakinç


Topic 1. Innovative business models and varieties of capitalism: United States and Japan compared, Speaker: William Lazonick

Topic 2. The interaction of financial institutions and employment institutions for start-ups in the Japanese economy, Speaker: Mari Sako

Topic 3. Inside the castle gates: International competition, inward FDI, and the persistence of Japan’s economic model, Speaker: Kenji Kushida

Topic 4. Private or public? Financing Japanese firms, Speaker: Kay Shimizu


Topic 1. China’s path to indigenous innovation, Speakers: William Lazonick and Yin Li

Paper: William Lazonick and Yin Li, “China’s path to indigenous innovation

Presentation:  “China’s path to indigenous innovation” by William Lazonick and Yin Li

Topic 3. The state, finance, and high-tech industrialization:Lessons from the Chinese experience, Speaker: Dic Lo

Topic 4. Run of the Red Queen:Government, innovation, globalization, and economic growth in China, Speakers: Dan Breznitz and Michael Murphree