Session 1 : China

Topic 1. China’s path to indigenous innovation”, Speakers: William Lazonick, University of Massachusetts and Yin Li, Georgia Tech

Presentation: “China’s path to indigenous innovation” by William Lazonick and Yin Li

Topic 2. Run of the Red Queen: Government, innovation, globalization and economic growth, Speakers: Dan Breznitz and Michael Murphree, Georgia Tech


Topic 3. Finance of innovation in China, Speaker: Guo Rong, Chinese Academy for Science and Technology for Development

 Session 2: United States

Topic 1. The innovative enterprise and the developmental state, Speaker: William Lazonick, University of Massachusetts

Topic 2. Financial innovation for investment and development, Speaker: Jan Kregel, Levy Institute

Paper: Jan Kregel and Leonardo Burlamaqui, “Finance, Competition, Instability, and Development

Topic 3. Re-regulating the financial system to support stable and equitable growth, Speaker: Damon Silvers, AFL-CIO

Session 3:Keynote speech and discussion

Brazilian development challenges, Speaker: João Carlos Ferraz, BNDES

Session 4: Brazil

Topic 1. Challenges of financing innovation, Speaker: Julio Ramundo, BNDES


Presentation: “Challenges of financing innovation” by Julio Ramundo

Topic 2. Has Brazil become a global player?, Speaker: Rogério Studart, World Bank



Topic 3. State investment banks and the entrepreneurial state, Speakers: Mariana Mazzucato and Caetano Penna, University of Sussex



Session 5: Financial Regulation, Industrial Policy, and Innovation in Comparative Perspective

Topic 1. Finance, innovation and national economic performance, Speaker: Adam Posen, Peterson Institute


Topic 2. Investing in the knowledge base, Speakers: Matt Hopkins, The Academic-Industry Research Network and William Lazonick, University of Massachusetts

Topic 3. Industrial policy and the developmental state, Speaker: Jang-Sup Shin, National University of Singapore

Session 6: Roundtable: Policy challenges for innovation and development

Speakers: Leonardo Burlamaqui, Ford Foundation and other conference speakers