Michael Murphree


BS, International Affairs ~ Georgia Institute of Technology

MS, International Affairs ~ Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Focus

Michael Murphree has a Masters and Bachelors in International Affairs and a certificate in Asian Affairs from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His current research interests are global and national technology standards, innovation, and the role of state policy in economic development. He seeks to understand how and why certain standards are selected over others and the economic implications of different standardization decisions.

Murphree currently serves as Project Coordinator for a three-year NSF funded grant studying how innovation occurs in emerging economies without defined institutions, property rights, or competitive rules. He is also working with Professors Sy Goodman and Dan Breznitz on a study of the social and economic implications of ubiquitous data collection, analysis and storage such as from Internet tracking, credit reporting, and passive surveillance.

From 2007 to 2009 he was project director on a three-year Kaufmann and Sloan Foundation-funded research project studying the development of innovation capabilities in China’s IT industry. This research culminated in his first book (co-authored with Dan Breznitz) – The Run of the Red Queen: Government, Innovation, Globalization, and Economic Growth in China. The book won the 2012 British International Studies Association Susan Strange Best Book Award.