Masahiro Kotosaka

Masahiro Kotosaka is Associate Professor of Multinational Management at College of Business Administration, Ritsumeikan University. He specializes in analyzing on-the-ground case studies and quantitative data of internationalization strategy of the firm. He has been working on reconciling different theories of multinational enterprises and explaining how firms make make-or-buy and location decisions in the globalized environment. In particular, his recent work examines the national- and firm-level factors influencing the growth and internationalization of Japanese, British and American entrepreneurial startups. He is also working on to collaborating with practitioners by crafting a variety of ways in which business can improve their international operations. Before joining the academic community, he has spent 8 years building his business experience: he has run three profitable business ventures in the field of IT and retail in Japan and also worked as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, first in Tokyo and then in Frankfurt.