Öner Tulum

Board Member and General Secretary, The Academic-Industry Research Network

Oner Tulum is an affiliated researcher at the Centre for Industrial Competitiveness (CIC) at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and at the Centre for Innovation and Structural Change (CISC) of National University of Ireland Galway. Prior to the FIID and INET projects, Oner Tulum was working as a Marie Curie Research Fellow in Ireland studying the capabilities of technology-based firms and their impact on the nation’s global competitiveness. The project was funded through the European Union Framework Programme Six under the Marie Curie Action Fellowship Programme for Transfer of Knowledge (TOK) hosted by CISC at NUIG. Before that he worked as a research assistant while completing his graduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and as an analyst in a leading security and investment firm in Turkey with the completion of his Bachelor of Science in economics at Anadolu University in Turkey. His research seeks to better understand economic policies that have significant impact on regions’ and industries’ competitiveness along with examining the impacts of those policies on nations’ economic securities, development strategies and innovation systems. Through the FIID project, Oner Tulum and his associates developed a research agenda for analyzing the relationship between financial innovation and the development of the US biopharmaceutical industry as well as exploring the impacts of changing financial behaviors of biopharmaceutical firms’ on the industry’s global competitiveness.