Beijing Conference

Beijing Conference on Financial Institutions for Innovation and Development


October 17-­18, 2013


Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Ford Foundation
Chairs: William Lazonick and RongpingMU


Organizing committee:
Leonardo Burlamaqui, Ford Foundation
William Lazonick, University of Massachusetts
Rongping Mu, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Jiang Yu, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yu Zhou, Vassar College


Innovation – the generation of higher quality products at lower unit costs – is essential for economic growth. What types of financial institutions support innovation? What is the relation between financial instability such as occurred in the Global Financial Crisis and sustained innovation? And when sustained innovation is achieved, will the income distribution that accompanies it be equitable across the population and will employment opportunities be stable over time? What types of policy reforms can promote the attainment of equitable and stable growth?


A sound understanding of the role of financial institutions in supporting innovation and development in cross-national comparative perspective is essential for answering these questions.  Based on research from an ongoing project funded by Ford Foundation’s Reforming Global Financial Governance Initiative, the Beijing Conference on Financial Institutions for Innovation and Development asks how national and global financial institutions can support innovation that results in economic growth that is both equitable and stable.


The Beijing Conference focuses on the experiences of the United States, Japan, China, and Brazil. It is the third in a series that follows one in New York City in December 2012 and one in Rio de Janeiro in June 2013.


Papers and Presentations