Papers and Presentations

Session 1 : Financial institutions for innovation and development”, Moderator: Eric Reguly, Globe and Mail


Presentation: “Financial institutions for innovation and development” presented by William Lazonick

Core problem and a suggested analytical framework” presented by Leonardo Burlamaqui

Session 2 : Developed economies: United States and Japan compared”, Moderator: Linda Weiss, University of Sydney


Presentations: “Innovation Policy and the Hidden Developmental State in the USA” presented by Fred Block

Changing Industrial Leadership and the Transformation of Business Models: Japan and the United States” presented by William Lazonick

“The social and political context for state intervention” presented by Kay Shimizu

Session 3 : Developing Economies: Brazil and China compared, Moderator: Leonardo Burlamaqui, Ford Foundation

Session 4 : Finance and Development: Challenges for developing economies, Moderator: RongpingMU, IPM

Session 5 : Finance and Development: Challenges for innovative enterprises, Moderator: Yu ZHOU, Vassar College

Session 6 : The Financial Economy and the Productive Economy : Is financial reform on the right track?, Moderator:Eric Reguly, Global and Mail

Session 7 : Policy challenges for “North” and “South”, Moderator: William Lazonick, Univ. of Mass, Lowell