Michael Faust

PD Dr. Michael Faust (born 1952) is a Senior Researcher at the “Soziologisches Forschungsinstitut (SOFI) an der Universität Göttingen” and a lecturer (“Privatdozent”) at Göttingen university. He studied economics and sociology at Freiburg and Tübingen universities and obtained his doctoral degree in sociology at Tübingen University, followed by “Habilitation” in sociology. Michael Faust covers sociology of work, economic sociology, and organization studies, often in a comparative perspective. Main research areas are changing managerial roles and structures and the rise of management consulting. Recent work deals with the role of management consulting as an institutional agent in a globalizing world and with institutional change in the German political economy with an emphasis on firm level analysis. How does increasing capital market pressure towards listed corporations in Germany interact with enterprise level codetermination? Does codetermination make a difference?

Email: michael.faust@sofi-uni-goettingen.de, SOFI: www.sofi-goettingen.de


Related Publications

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