Martin K. Welge

Univ.-Prof. em. Dr. Martin K. Welge

Martin K. Welge has studied Business Administration at the University of Cologne. He completed his postgraduate studies at Case Western Reserve and Stanford University.

After his return to Europe, Martin K. Welge went to Brussels as a scholar of the Thyssen Foundation, where he worked at the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management. He has eventually settled in his native Germany, where he has held various professorships at the University of Hagen (Chair in Business Policy and Organisational Behaviour), University of Essen (Chair in Business Policy and Organisational Behaviour),

and now at The University of Dortmund (Chair in Business Policy and International Management). From April 1996 until 2001, Martin K. Welge served as Academic Director of USW Schloss Gracht.

His major research and teaching interests are in strategic and international business.

Prof. Welge has extensively published in the area of strategic and international business. Some of his major publications are: „Strategisches Management, 6. Ed.“; „Internationales Management, 5. Ed.“ and „Corporate Governance Management, 2. Ed.“.